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3 good reasons to buy Airplane Potty

For parents, the choice of a baby potty is very important. Airplane Potty say stop to what has been an established habit: the use of diapers.
The end of the use of the diapers it’s a goal for the child and their start to the autonomy. With the transition to the potty, the child will bypass the infant life and embrace the “grown up” one.

vasino bambina aeroplano
Say goodbye to diapers will be easier and more fun
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It protects the child's posture with its ergonomic seat
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Let your imagination and desire to grow old take off with Airplane Potty

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Available in multiple colors
Practical and attractive design

Detachable and easy to assemble. In the box you will find:

  • Airplane Potty body;
  • Feet with non-slip rubber pads;
  • Soft and ergonomic seat;
  • Containing tray;
  • Brush for cleaning;
  • Propeller with adhesive;
  • Instruction booklet.


Product details:
Height 28cm, Width 32cm, Length 41cm, Height with lid open 50cm
Maximum weight supported: 65 kg
Suitable for children up to 7 years

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What they say about Airplane Potty?
Learning has never been so fun!

What they say about us?

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A very nice idea to be able to remove the diaper quickly. The aesthetics of this potty encourage children to try using it and this greatly reduces the time of diaper off!
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Airplane Potty, in addition to having a truly beautiful design, has been designed to entertain the child and educate him on the use of the toilet. I immediately found excellent advantages. It is very easy to clean thanks to a handy brush supplied.
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My wife asked me to buy a potty for our daughter and I chose the one that most caught my attention. I made the right choice! My little one is super happy to use the Airplane Potty! Thank you!!!
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Vasino bambini Airplane Potty
Learn with Airplane Potty

Any parent for his children shouts the word safety loudly. In general, when we want to buy a product intended for children, this parameter is the first to keep in mind. Stability is the first thing with the baby potty. In fact, the child must feel comfortable while using any potty.

Airplane Potty has been designed to allow the child to play and learn safely assuming the right posture


Buy online on E-Giochiamo.it at only
€44,90 €34.90

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